Baseus B11 Wireless Bluetooth V4.1

৳ 1,100.00

Baseus B11 Wireless Bluetooth V4.1

৳ 1,100.00


Baseus B11 Magnet Bluetooth Headset: Baseus B11 Bicolor Magnet Neckband In-Ear Bluetooth Headset Wireless Stereo Music Earphone Bluetooth V4.1 Aluminum Alloy+ABS+TPE Material Magnet Fixed Design Waterproof HD Microphone Multi Pointing Smart Noise Reduction Multi-functions Wire Control Clear Sound Quality Built-in 60mAh Rechargeable Battery 5-7 Hours Working Time 180 Hours Standby Time 1.5 Hours Charging Time High Compatibility.


Magnetic Fixed Design: Aluminum alloy· shell· takes strong· magnetic absorption design· , easy· to ware· and fashionable and convenient· to carry· , can be· absorbed and fixed firmly on the neck when take· if off, feel comfortable· and will not fall· when do· exercise· , walk· and take· a car· .
Wear Stability: Complies with ergonomic oblique· in-ear-monitor design ·, fits cochlea comfortably, small· and light· weight· design· doesn’t bring· extra· burden· to ear and squeeze· auricular, it’s still comfortable· and fixed firmly after long-term use ·.
High Fidelity Sound Quality: Built-in high· rate· decoding chips, transfer· music· at high· magnification code· rate· and stable· high· speed, Hi-Fi live· music, like being present on different music· scenes.
Soft TPE Cable: Headphone cable· is made by TPE which is a one-batch forming connection, soft·, and anti-twine, takes SR reinforced connection· in joint, no need to worry· about breaking off issue· for long-term use.
Simple Wired Control Design: Simple and visual wired design· button, easy· to operate ·, switch· song ·, adjust· volume· and answer· calls at any time ·, convenient· and fast.


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