Digital Therapy Machine - 4 pads added

৳ 850.00

Digital Therapy Machine – 4 pads added

৳ 850.00

1.Digital Therapy Machine Instant comfort in any condition
2.If you sit in front of the computer for a long time, may get pain in the back, many people in the winter
4.will get the cost of rheumatism. Neck, legs, spinal cord,
5.back and waist pain, relax with any pain The ability to run on a battery
6.with a direct current or PC in USB According to the problem,
7.there are 8 types of moods, which will give the therapy
8. according to the pain There are many more advantages to setting
9.up the time Battery: 3 x AAA battery (not connected).
10.Note: High blood pressure, hemorrhagic, malignant tumors,
11. and pregnancy patients are not allowed to use drugs without consultation.


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