The Grand Juicer

৳ 1,800.00 ৳ 1,300.00


The Grand Juicer

৳ 1,800.00 ৳ 1,300.00

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This Juicer is easy to use and clean. The special design of this product
creates more juice and less waste. Suitable for a large variety of
fruits and vegetables. No electricity or batteries is required for
functioning. The device has a strong suction base. All parts are
detachable which allows juice and pulp to be separated.

Wizard is fast, convenient and inexpensive way to make a real fresh
homemade juice full of vitamins. Just fill the container in any fruit or
vegetable, press it, turn the handle and immediately get a powerful,
healthy and fresh drinks! The juicer is powerful enough to extract juice
from green and leafy vegetables, and that means that you will get
the nutritive portion that will provide energy for the whole day. With the Juice Wizard, get better nutritious drinks! Create a
delicious cocktail or freeze freshly squeezed juice for a healthy ice


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